Insert DateTime into Oracle

I have an orchestration that received a data file and inserted contents into an Oracle database as part of its processing.

I'm using BizTalk 2013r2 sp with VS2013. I "Add Generated Items" on my schema project and select "Consume Adapter Service". From here I choose to generate a schema for "Insert" into the required table of my target Oracle database. This causes a target schema to be created. Now from here, my next step would usually be to create a BizTalk map with the newly created schema as my target. However, in this case the business logic for the mapping is such that I need to use a C# helper. So, my next step is to generate a C# representation of the new schema, for this I use the excellent

One of the fields in the target table is called IMPORT_DATE and is of type DATE. The has been mapped as follows by VS / XSD2Code:

public partial class IMPORT_DATE__COMPLEX_TYPE {

    private string inlineValueField;

    private System.DateTime valueField;

    private static System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer serializer;

    public string InlineValue {
        get {
            return this.inlineValueField;
        set {
            this.inlineValueField = value;

    public System.DateTime Value {
        get {
            return this.valueField;
        set {
            this.valueField = value;

Into this field I simply need to place the current date time. My first effort was to use the following:


This did not work, the adapter raised the following error message:

Error details: Microsoft.ServiceModel.Channels.Common.XmlReaderParsingException: Value for the field "IMPORT_DATE" is invalid. DateTime.Kind must be DateTimeKind.Unspecified. Ensure that there is no TimeZone or TimeZoneOffset contained in the DateTime value

My resolution was the following simple helper function:

private DateTime GetOracleDate(DateTime dt)
        string dtString = dt.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss");
        return Convert.ToDateTime(dtString);

I then changed the calling code to the following:

IMPORT_DATE = new Generated.DW_ST_SUPPLIER_STOCK.IMPORT_DATE__COMPLEX_TYPE() { Value = GetOracleDate(DateTime.Now) }